What the thunder said.


lunch- raw vegan mock tuna burrito on top of a roasted veggie and fresh mango+ veggie salad with a cashew caesar dressing and parmesan cheese! (comes in at a whopping 1,205 healthy calories!)

oh my god i want to dive into that and swim about forever


have stupid motion sickness like anxiety over stupid crap

but my cousin is getting marrrrried and its going to be BEAUTIFUL.

and its almost time for a delicious breakfast.

but someone is hoovering outside our room and im pissed off about that.

and i dont know if im hungry enough to fully enjoy this fantastic breakfast.

and im just jittery with excitement and AAAAAAAAAh

so tired. want to watch hannibal. having an amazing weekend but feeling ignored and have a massive essay hanging over me.

and my phones still broken.

hashtag pity me.

Went to the best place ever this morning

googlemaps cut off because everyone lost signal so it look us over an hour to get there. it was a ‘cider and cheese farm’ so we imagined like a posh farm shop kind of thing with samples of exciting drinks.

It was a barn with some plastic chairs. But oh my god was it fun. It was packed full of people getting drunk on free cider. At midday. In wellies. 

I fucking love the West Country.

four hours of trying not to vom later and we’ve made it to Bristol

just got sent upstairs to ‘get ready’

i thought i was ready, so ive changed my top and now im writing this.


Hey there, you think I could snapchat with ya?


Snapchat username? :)

i have literally just said it isnt working



last night was a bit of a disaster. someone i was going to meet up with cancelled, and now im paranoid. 

and then I dropped my phone for the 8 millionth time and half the screen now doesnt respond to touch :/ I cant open texts and I cant TYPE. I am heartbroken.

Have a 3 hour car ride to Bristol now and have only just stopped throwing up

Today’s been bleh

But going out with friends later and will try and be a happy happy bunny 👍